Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Anytime we can get government out of the way, it’s a win for job creators, a win for our citizens seeking the most innovative, convenient and cost-effective services and a win for up-and-coming 21st-century business models that clearly are the wave of the future.  Arizona has been relentlessly removing barriers holding back free-market competition, and we continue to identify and implement ways for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in the 21st-century economy…  Read more


Every time I walk through some of our Eloy facilities, there are folks that I hired 18 years ago, and they’re still there and they’re doing a terrific job. We want to thank you for all the support you’ve given us in the past, and we hope to continue to work closely with you as we have in the future, and we’re going to continue to be good neighbors.


The benefit of the double tracking is UP’s ability to double their inter-model capabilities, thus far moving more goods and services for consumers to purchase, and basically doing their part to help stimulate the economy… At the end of the day it’s the city that matters to me… I’m telling you the growth is coming and developers are going to swallow up the land like there’s no tomorrow.

Byron Jackson