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Information, Research and Assistance

Information, Research and Assistance

EDGE is actively involved in improving the business climate of our city by increasing the tax base, helping existing businesses expand while become more profitable, and attracting new businesses to our community. Let us help support your search with information, research
New Business, Expansion & Retention

New Business, Expansion & Retention

We want to do more for you than just meet your local business needs.  You and your employees have lives and families that work, play and live here and that is important to us. Get the most up to date research and reports
Prevailing Wage – Workforce Availability

Prevailing Wage – Workforce Availability

Information is maintained on local prevailing wages and is made available to firms actively considering an Eloy location. Our group works very hard to eliminate every obstacle from project conception to completion. Labor Force & Training is available with Workforce Training
Local Sources of Capital

Local Sources of Capital

Meetings with local banking and financing institutions can be arranged and facilitated along with assistance in completing financing applications with local institutions.  We are dedicated to sharing information and taking action on initiatives that affect the  economic infrastructure in our community.

Goals / Mission


EDGE is here to recruit new Business and Industry that provide family wage jobs to the area why providing small and new business assistance programs. We will carry out activities which will enhance the image and reputation of Eloy as a place to live, work, and invest.  EDGE will assist the State, County and City governmental entities in support of Economic Development.

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To provide leadership that stimulates business and promotes economic opportunities to support the needs of the City of Eloy while giving positive direction to economic development and growth in the city. The Economic Development Group of Eloy and our local political leadership stand ready to assist in making your move to Eloy, Arizona a wise decision.

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It’s your choice

Location Assistance

Get a complete and current inventory of sites and buildings that are available. EDGE can make facility inquiries on your behalf and arrange site visits maintaining company identity and confidentiality.

Sources of Funds

Meetings with local banking and financing institutions can be arranged. Additionally, all available federal, state, and local financial assistance programs are represented through the EDGE Office.

Time is valuable

From state-of-the-art telecommunications and utility companies, commercial developers, educational institutions, financial companies... we can tackle your concerns and get you answers.

Customized Solutions, No Hassle Guarantee!

We realize that the success of your business is also the success of our community.

International Business

A free trade zone (FTZ) is located right here in Eloy, Arizona

Located within Pinal County’s economic development and employment zone is the Sunshine Industrial Park.Under federal law, any business located within an activated FTZ will receive relief from trade barriers, including certain taxes and interventions from customs authorities. The designation is applied to sites that don’t currently have a tenant or building project as a way to attract manufacturers. This parcel runs right along I-10 for easy access to our extensive freeway and rail system.

A client can see that designation and know they won’t have to pursue it on their own, that process is already complete. Sunshine Industrial is a partially developed, 277-acre site with water and sewer access, located in the city of Eloy. The property includes multiple access points to key infrastructure that make it well positioned for freight distribution to major markets by both truck and rail.
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Founded in 1902 and Incorporated in 1949, Eloy is located in beautiful Pinal County and is on the grow. Various Business Zones are available for development in the local area. Eloy offers an ideal location, within easy reach of shopping, restaurant, professional and medical services. Here are some links to local resources to help with your search:

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