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Find out why Eloy is the right location

With our proximity to the major population centers, markets, easy access, interstate highways and airports makes Eloy an excellent place from which to operate a business. In fact, Arizona is the only state in the nation within a day's drive of 65 million customers in CA, NM and TX.

You can rely on EDGE

From the very beginning we are devoted to your success. We won't waste your time tap-dancing around the issues or bring 'round the brass band. We know your time is valuable and the community of Eloy is the answer to promote, retain and expand your business.

It’s time for your Business expansion

Learn about the state-of-the-art telecommunications, utility companies, commercial developers, educational institutions, financial companies and the "small" town feel that makes this home. Let us show you why Central Arizona and Pinal County is the right choice.

We’ll get downright creative

We will listen without making any assumptions or offering any mundane, off-the-shelf solutions. With total commitment from our team to do whatever it takes to have you BUILD HERE, BUILD NOW. And we'll keep our promises. Come and make Eloy, Arizona your new home.

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We can tackle every one of your concerns and get you the right answers, the first time.

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Location, Location, Location is all we need to say

Major interstates, freeways and transcontinental railroads connect directly to Eloy. This infrastructure provides a highly effective flow, including one-day truck haul routes between Arizona and California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah as well as Mexico.

Wages, Workforce Availability and Capital

You and your employees have lives and families that work, play and live here, that is important to us.  We also can help with workforce training, meeting local banking and financing institutions can also be arranged. Come join our family and grow with us.

We offer only the best-in-class support

Our team has gathered true specialists and professionals that know how impact your business development and growth. Top companies entrust their future to us and we know how to help you make the right choices. Contact us to discover ways of improving your business.
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